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Instead, sprinkle a handful of these 9 questions on your next first date.

Let the conversation flow naturally, but don’t be shy when it comes to actually finding out more about him.

It sounds a little bit like a Goldilocks problem, but the nice guys on Bumble don’t ask what you’re up to right that second, and they don’t let the messaging drag on for too long, either.

What else can I say except you’ll know it when it happens!

This isn’t tough to do – but knowing the right questions to ask on a first date is the key to discovering the mind of the guy in front of you.

Now, I don’t recommend using these as “interview” questions, as if you’re a chat show host trying to get a juicy story.

If you like hiking, concerts, exotic travel, riding your bike to work . Focus on the tangible, positive aspects of his profile that make you think, “I think we’d have fun together.”Takeaway Tip: I’ve said this before, but “Be the person you want to date” is still my motto.It’s common to worry about what you should say on a first date.You’re always trying to strike that balance between being curious while still having fun.Instead, take a second to think of the “nonnegotiables” you need in your next relationship.If you have to date a guy who loves dogs—look for pictures with dogs. If this comes across as obvious, that’s because it kind of is.

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You both share all the same interests – that art podcast you both geek out over, that movie you both can’t wait to see.

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